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 Our Story

Craig Bravo, the Executive Baker/Owner of Fit for a Cookie, started as a high school student with a deep passion for creating satisfying foods and desserts. As he progressed, studying various cooking and baking professionals, he began to specialize in the art of the cookie. After a few years of research, experiments, and sleepless nights filled with mixing and incorporating new elements, flavors, and ingredients, the baker concluded with a distinctive methodology that created a dessert deserving the title of a "cookie". As he shared his cookies with others in his community, he became well known as the person to go to for cookie cravings. One thing everyone all agreed on was, " This is more than a cookie...It's an experience"



 This uproar created by their amazing cookies eventually caught the eye of brilliant American Chef Art Smith. After he received them in the mail, he and his family were ecstatically pleased by the pure deliciousness of each product. He went as far as to verify them as #topchefcertified and highly recommends each one of these cookies for your friends, family, and yourself.

 These cookies are also most advocated by the former make-up artist and brother to Oprah Winfrey, Roosevelt Cartwright, who constantly purchases them to satisfy his and his families cookie cravings


The Fit for a Cookie family is honored and proud to be a part of the foodie/cookie-lover community. We are thrilled and excited for you to taste a true dessert rightfully Fit to be called a Cookie.

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